The Top Home Based Business Idea in 2010 – Here it Is!

What is the top home based business idea in 2010?

There are many home based business ideas floating around all over the internet. Many of them are legitimate, but for every legitimate program you find, there are 10 dishonest people selling products that they definitely wouldn’t sell to their mother.

It bothers me that so many dishonest people are trying to prey on new online marketers, but unfortunately that is just how the world works these days. It shouldn’t be like that, which is why in this article I want to share with you the top home based business idea in 2010, and show you how you can make money with it in 2010, 2011, 2012, and beyond!

The top home based business for 2010 is not new, because chances are something new is just a fad that does not have any track record of success! In this article I am going to discuss a concrete and legitimate business model that I have been using since 2008 to earn a nice income online.

What is this business model you ask? Well it involves selling other people’s stuff online, and getting paid a commission for each sale. Before you stop reading, I know right now what you are probably thinking: Either you don’t want to sell products because you think you may have to store physical goods in your home and office, or you don’t want to sell anything because you do not want to sell to people face to face.

The business model I use is commonly referred to as affiliate marketing, and since I am going to show you how to sell items that can be digitally downloaded, you will never have to talk to a customer, personally take an order, or stock any sort of inventory whatsoever!

When I first heard about affiliate marketing I thought that it was too good to be true. I mean who wouldn’t want to sell products and services, have a third-party company process all of the orders for you, and get paid 50-75% commissions on digital products!

I think you are beginning to see why this is without a doubt the top home based business idea in 2010. I do want to be completely honest with you however, and tell you that in order to set things up correctly you are going to have to learn some new skills with regards to internet marketing.

Working online is much like owning an offline store. In order to get people to purchase the digital products that you are offering as an affiliate marketer, you must get people to see your offers. This is the same as getting customers in your “store” to buy products and services. If you owned a restaurant you would need hungry people to come eat in order to make money, right? The same is true if you want to be successful with the top home based business idea in 2010.

In order to attract online consumers to your offer, you are going to have to use a variety of marketing methods. Since affiliate marketing is 100% free to start, you can focus any money that you want to spend (you don’t have to spend a dime if you do not want to) on generating “traffic,” or customers to your website or blog where you will promote your product.

You will need a blog to get started, but setting up a blog is very easy, even if you have no technical skills. When I first started marketing online all I could do was check emails, but after watching a few YouTube videos I was able to design a free blog using blogger (free blog service offered by Google) in no time!

After you have set up your blog (Part 1 of the top home based business idea in 2010) you must get people to view your blog, where you will link to your affiliate product! Instead of telling you how to do it, let’s use the example method to clarify things.

For instance, let’s say that I found a golf product that I want to sell. It is a digitally downloadable book (e-book), and I need to get people to my blog where I am selling this product. In order to get traffic to your blog, you could:

Write articles and submit them to article directories.

Create short videos and upload them to YouTube.

Post classified ads on golf websites.

Post a link to your blog in golf forums (don’t SPAM!).

Using a combination of these methods, you can start seeing hundreds of people coming to your blog daily, and some of them will buy the product that you are selling!

I know this may all seem new and overwhelming, but I truly believe that affiliate marketing is the top home based business idea in 2010, because I have been using it successfully for almost 2 years! If you want to make money online, then you are going to have to sell something. Selling digital products (software, ebooks, etc.) is the easiest way because:

You do not have to store anything.

Products are already created, so you do not have to create or invent anything yourself!

You can receive up to 75% commissions from popular affiliate networks (I use ClickBank).

You don’t have to process refunds.

You get paid every 2 weeks consistently (with ClickBank).

I have no problem telling people that affiliate marketing is the top home based business idea in 2010, because I truly believe that. If you want to start your own home based business, then choosing a reliable, web based business model is the way to go. Affiliate marketing will help you reach your goals, you just have to figure out exactly how to do it!

Do you want to see how I do it?

Home Based Business Idea

Know you want to work at home, but you are struggling with getting that perfect home based business idea? Have a home based business idea, but don’t know how to get started? You may need to do some strategic brainstorming to get your home based business idea from deep within your head to a real business.

If you are still confused about how to come up with the home based business idea that will work for you, then you need to sit down and do some evaluating. Take a look at yourself, your personality, skills, and loves. Do you know if you can handle working at home? There is a lot of stress involved in making a home based business idea a reality, and there is a significant amount of organization and self-discipline involved. You need to prepare yourself to handle it.

Still, if your dream of setting your own hours and running your own business is pumping in your blood, then start looking at what you love to do to find that ideal home based business idea. Some people know what they are good at and love, so finding a niche seems simple. For others, it takes a bit of research. Make a list of the things you love to do, because somewhere on that list is that perfect home based business idea. If nothing pops out at you right away, do your research to see what other ideas are out there. Maybe someone has taken a similar home based business idea and created a lucrative business out of it. Take your time and check out your options. Eventually that home based business idea will come out of that list.

Now that you have your home based business idea, be careful about getting so excited that you jump in too fast. You want to be passionate about your home based business idea, but you also want to be smart and calculating. If you have never run a business before and have little business savvy, do some research to teach yourself some skills. Many communities offer classes on making a home based business idea a reality, so you may want to check into those opportunities.

Read the rest of the article here: Home Based Business Idea.

Tap Into The Best Home Based Business Ideas That Are Within You-The Small Home Business Idea Primer

Tired of the rat race and want to start your own business? You may be looking now for a small home business idea to lay down the ground work for that transition. If you’re looking for what are the best home based business ideas, here’s a few thing you need to consider before you take the plunge.

There are many so-called small business development companies and online sites They make the claim that you can make thousands of dollars effortlessly with just a few clicks of a mouse or some other gimmick. They gladly take your money, send you boxes of products, or open up websites where thousands of others are competing with you, offering the same products no one wants. They offer you no support, no marketing plan, no strategies or outline to success. The only ones making money are the ones selling you their turnkey system.

If you’re looking for a yardstick to any home based business offering, a true home based business success system should have the following:

  • A proven method to help you find the best home based business ideas that gel or resonate with you, your abilities and personalities.
  • It should include a comprehensive guide on how to launch and develop the business idea.
  • It should offer you the resources you need to build your business, including how to research the market and potential competitors.
  • It should also include a strategic plan on how to grow your home based business over the long term.
  • It should show you how to prepare the business and yourself mentally, physically and financially.
  • It should include a guide on how to market and advertise your business to find eager clients.
  • It should also provide you with the resources to guide your business development and how to create with a game plan for success.

If any so called “instant business idea” can’t promise you this and only claims that you can or will make thousands – don’t part with your hard earned money! Instead of having someone hand you a business “idea” that you may know nothing about or have no interest in, you can easily find and start today a small home business idea that is suited or tailored to your abilities, skills, passions and desires. Whether you seek to make a little extra income or launch a business empire, the best home business ideas are at your fingertips. The best home based business ideas are the very ones you already have and are passionate about. And here’s a little secret that these stories of successful entrepreneurs always say: “find something you love to do and the money will follow”.

Internet Home Based Business Idea – The Only Idea You Will Ever Need

Some of you will be disappointed with this article.

It is likely that you are the type of person looking for that quick fix; some hare-brained internet home based business idea that you can put to work immediately in order to pull in thousands of dollars overnight by implementing some secret possessed by only a select few successful internet home based business idea owners.

Unfortunately for you, those internet home based business ideas actually do exist.

The problem is that I could give you the easiest, cheapest, and quickest to implement internet home based business idea and you would likely fail to make it work. Now why is that?

Let’s conduct a little experiment. I will give you a great, low-cost internet home based business idea that you can get started on right away, and let’s see what happens.

1. Get a free blog set up on

2. Signup for a free account on and pick three products you are interested in promoting as an affiliate for your internet home based business idea (something you have knowledge about or would like to learn about).

3. Register for free on some forums targeted to your product’s customer base, spend a few days helping other posters with their questions and direct them to your internet home based business idea blog, which has postings and helpful information about your chosen product’s niche market topic, and include links to your affiliate and AdSense advertising.

Now all of that can be done absolutely free, and would require maybe two hours a day at most, and one to two week’s worth of work for your internet home based business idea. Many of you might fail to earn any money, some of you might succeed.

But there are actually many people that do this exact thing I have lined out for you that make full-time incomes, just by implementing their internet home based business ideas.

Now of course, things can get a lot more complicated, and there are specific techniques and systems you can employ to increase your internet home based business idea’s success, and I and many others could help you with those things.

But the point is that those of you who fail will fail not because this internet home based business idea is a bad one, but because your thinking process is flawed. You don’t have the necessary mindset required for online home based business success.

Once you discover the necessary mindset for successful internet home based business ideas and utilize that mindset in your daily life, you will have learned the only internet home based business idea you will ever need for success.